In memoriam




May 23, 1992 - November 13, 2003

my forever dog


"I will always love you."


August, 1994 - Jan 2, 2005

He had a bladder of iron.

Loyal, but clueless. Not the smartest biscuit in the jar.


Angel died on July 4th, 2009. There was no reason for it.

She was terrified of fireworks. She jumped the fence and was hit by a car. Since fireworks only go off after dark, it must have been dark when she was running down the road. Probably between 8 pm and 11 pm. It would be difficult to see a dark, brindle colored dog at night. And she would have been running full tilt in terror. Her last moments were probably filled with pain and terror.

Why she was outside by herself, in the dark, alone, terrorized by her biggest fear, I have no idea. She didn't deserve to die this way.


Angel was a good dog. She was a very loving dog. She was a generous dog. She didn't hump. She was not a trash digger. She didn't paw or jump on you. She enjoyed a good game of fetch and would always bring the ball and drop it at your feet for you. She didn't play "keep away". She did not like the water and was very, very patient when a toy went in the pool. She would wait for it to drift to the side where she could reach it. Angel's best feature were her ears, which stuck out on both sides parallel to the ground. We called them her "Yoda ears". One of her favorite things was to snooze in the grass in a shady spot. Let's remember her this way.





Stryker, Belgian Malinois, killed in the line of duty 7:20 pm, Dec. 31, 2007.

Officer Stryker was a 6 year veteran of the Oceanside police force and partner to Officer Sadler. Officer Stryker was killed by Cory Byron, a 27 year old drunk, driving a GMC pick-up. Byron led police on a pursuit ending at the top of the Coronado Bay Bridge. Byron stopped the truck, got out, refused to surrender and started to approach police officers. Officer Stryker was sent in to take the suspect down, which he did. Byron then got up, picked up the dog and jumped 200 ft. off the bridge. The dog died on impact but Byron survived. Yes, like all drunken assholes, he survived but managed to take an innocent life with him. Byron can be sentenced up to 3 years in prison for all charges. May it be so. May he also be sued for the entire cost or replacing such a valuble and highly trained police dog, may he have to sell all of his worldly posessions to pay the settlement plus work the rest of his life in a crap-job and live in a shithole. May he live the rest of his life in squalor and suffering. May Cory Byron rot in hell when he finally manages to kill himself. Hopefully he won't take anyone with him the next time.


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